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Social and Emotional Wellbeing: A Guide for Children's Services Educators

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Student Handouts

The Response Ability Resource for Vocational Education and Training uses twenty themes to explore how Children’s Services staff can promote children’s mental health and wellbeing. 
A handout is provided for each theme, which summarises essential information on the topic and outlines practical strategies for Children’s Services staff.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing

Early Intervention

Advocacy and Mental Health Family Issues and Mental Health
Attachment and Mental Health Guiding Children’s Behaviour
Building Social and Emotional Skills Identifying Emotional and Behavioural Problems
Child Abuse, Neglect and Mental Health Partnerships with Families
Children of Parents with Mental Illness Refugees and Mental Health
Children with Additional Needs Safe and Supportive Environments
Communicating with Children Social and Emotional Development
Diversity and Inclusive Practice Trauma, Loss and Grief
Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health Whole Service Approach

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