The CHILD Framework

The Response Ability Children’s Services multi-media resource has been developed for use by Vocational Education and Training (VET) teachers who are delivering training to students enrolled in Children’s Services courses.

CHILD is an evidence-based framework that is used as an organising principle for all of the student activities in the Response Ability resource.  CHILD summarises the practical strategies that children’s services staff can use to support children’s optimal social and emotional development and wellbeing, ultimately supporting their mental health.  The domains of the CHILD framework are based on analysis of Australian and international research, public policy and expert opinion.    

Children develop in the context of their environments and relationships, including their families, children’s services, schools and communities.  To support more positive mental health outcomes, children’s services staff can focus on creating caring and supportive early childhood environments, promoting social inclusion, fostering positive social and emotional development, and facilitating support and early intervention for those children who have additional needs.


HIMH Info-graphic


The CHILD framework is used as a key organising principle for student activities in the Resonse Ability Children’s Services resource.  Five of the six films are accompanied by 25 optional activities organised in a grid according to the CHILD framework.  There are five activities related to the ‘C’ element, five related to the ‘H’ element, and so on.

Download more information on the CHILD framework here.