Early Childhood Activities

The Response Ability resources include case study films and other audiovisual pieces designed as learning tools for students who are studying to become teachers or early childhood workers. 

Tertiary students may be asked to complete selected activities or units of work that relate to a particular film. The film clips are not available from this site, however you can access the activities below. 

Bella Activities

Film Synopsis: Bella is a quiet girl in centre based care who usually prefers to work on her own.  Staff must decide how best to meet her needs, promote her development and engage her in the sector's activities. Download

Josh Activities

Film Synopsis: Josh is an active boy who is starting to develop some potentially challenging behaviours.  Staff aim to help him better manage his behaviour and develop more positive social skills. Download

Keely Activities

Film Synopsis: Keely is a shy girl with a strong connection to her current teacher.  However, she is about to make the transition into a new class, so the staff must consider strategies to support her wellbeing and development. Download