Secondary activities

The Response Ability resources include case study films and other audiovisual pieces designed as learning tools for students who are studying to become teachers or early childhood workers. 

Tertiary students may be asked to complete selected activities or units of work that relate to a particular film.  The film clips are not available from this site, however you can access the activities below.

Brianna Activities

Film Synopsis: Brianna is a young girl who has recently made the transition from primary schooling into her first year of high school.  She is finding it difficult to settle into her new school and hard to make friends.  Staff discuss ways of easing this important period of transition for students like Brianna. Download

Vince Activities

Film Synopsis: Vince is a quiet young man who spends a lot of time on his own and seems to be struggling with some personal issues.  When he submits some dark artwork and troubling poetry that seem to reveal his negative feelings, his teachers become concerned about his wellbeing. Download

Amy Activities

Film Synopsis: Amy is a quietly spoken girl who is in the early years of high school.  She is an avid reader, she works hard in class, and she prefers her own company to large groups.  However staff members become concerned about her withdrawn behaviour and discover that she is being bullied by other girls in the school. Download

Mark Activities

Film Synopsis: Mark is an angry teenager whose behaviour in the classroom and the school grounds is challenging.  He is aggressive toward others and some staff believe he has difficulties with substance abuse.  The film explores whether there may be underlying personal or mental health difficulties influencing this behaviour. Download

Susie Activities

Film Synopsis: Susie is an upper high school student who has experienced a number of challenges lately through changes in her relationships and other personal issues.  Susie is returning to school some time after an attempt to harm herself by taking an overdose of over-the-counter medication.  Susie's mother speaks with school staff to discuss how Susie can be supported on her return. Download

Young Lives

Film Synopsis: Students in their first year of high school talk about a range of issues affecting their resilience and wellbeing at this age.  The discussion includes same-sex and mixed-sex groups and students at varying stages of physical and personal development.  A number of discussion questions are suggested in the unit of work that goes with this film. Download

The Black Dog

Film Synopsis: Senior students perform a drama piece that they researched and developed themselves on a mental health related theme.  This play explores issues of adolescent depression and youth suicide. Download