The Response Ability team

The Hunter Institute of Mental Health has been implementing Response Ability in various forms since 1997, so a number of staff have been involved over time.  Our current team includes the Institute's Director Jaelea Skehan, a Program Manager, Projects Coordinator and several project staff.

Gavin staff photo
Dr Gavin Hazel (PhD)
Program Manager

Day-to-day management of the Response Ability initiative is coordinated by Projects Manager Dr Gavin Hazel.  Gavin has fifteen years experience as teacher educator and researcher. He has an honours degree in Education, a master’s degree in Educational Studies and a PhD in education. Gavin has held positions as a research academic, a commonwealth senior research scientist and a project manager in child and adolescent mental health.

Dr Gavin Hazel - (02) 4924 6945 -


Project Staff

Currently the Institute has five project staff who are working on the implementation of the Response Ability initiative: Ellen Newman, Celia Rae, Sara Bartlett, Liz Kemp and Amanda McAtamney.  Members of the project team have diverse expertise across a range of fields including education, psychology, social sciences and mental health promotion.     

Project Team