Support and Information

Response Ability provides support through diverse mechanisms, including telephone and email discussion, telephone or videoconferencing, visits to your organisation to meet with staff and delivery of presentations at conferences.

Copyright and Reproduction

Copyright for all Response Ability materials rests with the Commonwealth of Australia.

Educational institutions are permitted to download, print and copy Response Ability materials for educational purposes, provided the source of the material and its copyright is clearly acknowledged.

Universities and tertiary colleges can reproduce elements of the Response Ability materials on internal electronic learning tools (such as Blackboard or WebCT) but not for open access on the internet.

If you need assistance to do this, please contact your own organisation's Information Technology support staff. 

Requests for further authorisation should be directed to the Commonwealth Copyright Administration, Copyright Law Branch, Attorney-General's Department, Robert Garran Offices, National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600 or posted at