Response Ability Components

These Response Ability teaching and learning materials include films, activities, fact sheets and student handouts.  


The films are in the form of dramatised case studies or documentary-style films in a range of educational settings.  These audiovisual pieces are intended to stimulate thought and discussion, rather than to demonstrate best practice. 


Each film is accompanied by a variety of optional tutorial style activities or discussion questions, which you may like to use with students in exploring the mental health of children and young people.  Some activities are dependent on viewing the film, others could be undertaken or adapted for independent use.

Student Handouts:

There are two key documents which have been designed as handouts for education students.  These summarise key issues and will be useful reference material for students, even if a detailed analysis of case study films is not possible.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing: A Teacher's Guide

The Teacher's Guide can be downloaded from this site or hard copies can be requested from the project team via email at  This is a particularly useful resource for students in their final years of study and will prove a handy reference in their early years of teaching.