Other Programs and Resources

This page contains links to other resources and programs about Children and Young People's wellbeing

KidsMatter Early Childhood Program

KidsMatter Early Childhood works with early childhood education and care services to support the mental health and wellbeing of young children, their families and early childhood educators using a promotion, prevention and early intervention framework

Kidsmatter EC

KidsMatter Primary School Program 

KidsMatter Primary is a mental health and wellbeing framework for primary schools and is proven to make a positive difference to the lives of Australian children.

Kidsmatter Primary

MindMatters Secondary School Program

MindMatters is about young people; their health and wellbeing. It helps schools to support young people to achieve their goals, build relationships and cope with challenges.

MindMatters is a framework that aims to promote mental health, prevent problems and enable early intervention.


Student Wellbeing Hub

The Student Wellbeing Hub is underpinned by the National Safe Schools Framework, which aims to ensure that all Australian schools are safe, supportive and respectful teaching and learning communities that promote student wellbeing.

The hub provides information and resources for students, teachers and parents to assist them to create and maintain a safe and welcoming school environment. 


Children of Parents with Mental Illness

The COPMI (Children of Parents with a Mental Illness) national initiative develops information for parents, their partners, carers, family and friends in support of these children. This information complements online training courses developed by COPMI for professionals to support families either individually or through community services and programs.


Child and Adolescent Trauma, Loss and Grief Network

The Australian Child and Adolescent Trauma, Loss and Grief Network (ACATLGN) is a network that works with a team of experts to bring together evidence based resources and research in order to make them more accessible to those working with, or interested in, children and young people who have been affected by trauma and grief.


Other School Based Programs