Video lecture for VET

The video below is a 90 minute symposium presentation titled:

Brain development for wellbeing: How can international research in neuroscience and psychology inform practice in early childhood education and care?

Presented across 3 chapters:

  1. Key principles of mental health and social and emotional wellbeing in early childhood education and care – Sara Bartlett
  2. Neurological and developmental perspectives on emotions and relationships in early learning – Dr Mary Helen Immordino-Yang
  3. Self-regulation – Dr Stuart Shankner

This video is for children’s services students and their trainers. See details below the video for a list of resources and support material you can use to build on this presentation in class or tutorials.


Response Ability symposium presentation 1 from HInstMH on Vimeo.

Response Ability symposium presentation 2 from HInstMH on Vimeo.

Response Ability symposium presentation 3 from HInstMH on Vimeo.


Build on the lecture using our existing multi-media resource, fact sheets and guides: 

Vocational Education and Training: Children's Services resource

Film: Babies and Young Children

Tutorial activities:

C3: Safe & Supportive Environments; Social & Emotional Development

H4 & H5: Building Social & Emotional Skills; Social & Emotional Development

I4: Identifying Emotional and Behavioural Problems; Guiding Children’s Behaviour

L3: Children with Additional Needs; Early Intervention

D1: Advocacy and Mental Health; Whole Service Approach


Fact sheets and podcasts

We have fact sheets and podcasts covering a wide range of topics available here.

These are split across five topic areas:

  • Promotion and prevention
  • Mental illness/disorders
  • Groups at increased risk of mental ill-health
  • Key issues for young people
  • Looking after yourself - lecturers and student 


Student handouts

These are two page summary documents from the VET multi-media resource covering a range of key topics - click here:

Of particular relevance to the lecture presentation are:

  • Building Social and Emotional Skills
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Safe and Supportive Environments

 Student resource

 Social and emotional wellbeing: A guide for children’s services educators 


Available here 


 Educator's Guide
VET trainers: For FREE copies of the multi-media resources or for help with program planning using other films contact the team (02) 4924 6900 or email: