Video lecture for universities

The video below is a 45 minute lecture presentation about:

  • Promoting student resilience and wellbeing; and
  • Responding to mental health needs.

This video is for pre-service teacher education students and teacher education staff. You need a password to view this video – contact us to get the password

See details below the video for a list of resources and support material you can use to build on this presentation in lecturers or tutorials. 


Video lecture - For universities from HInstMH on Vimeo.



Build on the lecture using our existing multi-media resources, fact sheets and guides:

Deep Breaths USB resource

This resources includes a 13 minute drama piece and tutorial activities. Suggested activities include:
Core Activities
   1. Resilience (definitions and strategies)
   2. The role of the teacher in identifying mental health problems
Extension Activity
   1. Coping with anxiety and stress

Deep Breaths USB

Early Childhood & Primary resource

Film: Bella
Tutorial activities:
C1: Resilience and Wellbeing; Safe and Supportive Environments
C3: Resilience and Wellbeing; Social and Emotional Wellbeing
H5: Resilience and Wellbeing; Risk and Protective Factors
I3: Emotional and Behavioural Disorders; Risk and Protective Factors
L2: Working with Parents and Families; Referral Pathways
D5: Safe and Supportive Environments; Resilience and Wellbeing   


Fact sheets and podcasts

We have fact sheets and podcasts covering a wide range of topics available here. Two of particular interest to this lecture are: 

• Promoting resilience and wellbeing
• Anxiety disorders


Student resource: Social and Emotional Wellbeing: A Teacher’s Guide

Available here

or contact us to order hard copies 

Teacher's Guide

Download a copy of the PowerPoint slides for this the lecture 

Click here



Teacher educators:  For FREE copies of the multi-media resources or for help with program planning using other films contact the team (02) 4924 6900 or email: