About the resources

The Response Ability project provides free resources and support for universities and teacher educators.  All resources are evidence-based, Australian made and provided free of charge. The resources use a Problem Based Learning approach to explore the roles of teachers in promoting resilience and wellbeing and in responding to students who may have particular needs in regard to their mental health, feelings or behaviour.

Deep Breaths

Deep Breaths is the newest addition to the Response Ability suite of mental health teaching resources.

Deep Breaths explores themes of resilience, anxiety and grief and loss. This play may be used as a tool to raise student teacher’s awareness of mental health problems and strategies that can be used to promote resilience in children and young people. Discussion questions and possible responses are provided to help to gain knowledge of the concepts and develop effective communication strategies regarding mental health and mental ill-health. The activities could be implemented as a large or small group discussion, online discussion or written response.

Using the Deep Breaths resource has twin benefits of providing a fit for purpose introduction for pre-service teachers to mental health concepts and demonstrating how school students can and do engage with mental health. The play expresses concepts that can be difficult to verbalise, such as resilience, through visual narrative so they have relatable concrete meaning, and are engaging, distinctive and easier to process.

Furthermore, since high school students are the playwrights and performers, Deep Breaths represent an authentic school experience. It is adolescent-centred, using their language and creative expression, and provides an example of one way to teach and learn about mental health in schools.  

Requesting Resources

Universities and teacher educators can obtain copies of the Response Ability multi-media materials by contacting the project team. We can also let you know if we are aware of any colleagues at your campus who may be using the resource. 

Please contact the project team at responseability@beyondblue.org.au.